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Baggu is an environmentally conscious bag design company, based in Brooklyn, New York and San Francisco, California. Their mission is to make simple, high quality bags in many bright colors, that feel good to use. They're durable and multi-purpose so you can own less stuff!

Reuseable bags $10 each. 


Big Love Ball is making its way around the globe, into the hearts of every culture through the use of social media and the instantaneous nature of Instagram. Big Love Ball is an irresistible invitation to connect. In a moment it has become a movement. A message of inclusion and compassion. Big Love Ball is for everyone.

We sell 2' BIG LOVE BALLS, t-shirts and buttons. 


Elate cosmetics won't compromise your skin, your lifestyle or the Earth. Beautiful colours, skin loving ingredients and sustainable packaging.

Made in Canada, vegan, toxin, cruelty and gluten free.

Lipgloss/Lipstick $22.

Mascara $28. 


Writing a card is way better than phoning. But he/she will LOVE getting that card in the mail. They will tape it up on the bathroom mirror, and keep it there for months. Trust me, I've seen them in bathrooms and closets. I've been told and emailed about people receiving such cards. As humans we must support, uplift, encourage and celebrate one another. This is where I get my inspiration for my cards. This thing called life. 

Cards $6 each.


Mai Lin Jewelry makes dainty silk bracelets with a focus on quality and craftsmanship. The reminder bracelet – Mai Lin Jewelry’s signature bracelet was modeled after the ‘string around your finger’ something that you tie on to remind you of something important. The reminder bracelet ties on the wrist with a double knot and stays fastened for every adventure that life has to offer. Made with 100% silk, the reminder bracelet is strong, durable, comfortable, and easy to wear. Each piece is inspired, designed, and handmade in Toronto, Canada.

Bracelets from $22 - $28 each. 


All of our goods are thoughtfully designed and packaged by Swell Made Co. and produced by other Canadian small businesses like our own. Isn’t that swell? Made in Canada matters.

Plus, when you choose Swell Made Co. you’re also choosing to support Plan Canada’s Because I am a Girl project to help girls access basic human rights that will give them the ability to transform their lives. 5% of each purchase goes directly to this project. You’re swell, but we already knew that.

Cards $6.