Consignment Agreement

Prior to consigning with us, we will ask that you fill in this form at the beginning of your intake appointment.

A La Mode Consignment Agreement

A La Mode Consignment Agreement - Luxury Bags


A La Mode Consignment Agreement

NAME: __________________________________________________________________________

PHONE: _________________________________________________________________________

EMAIL: __________________________________________________________________________

Upon receipt of your items, an email will be sent to you with 24 - 48 hours with the following details:
Description of each item we accepted
Initial selling price (A La Mode reserves the right to put items on sale)
Your payout date - this is the day you come to the store to pick up any money and/or returns

Please note, it is the sole responsibility of the consignor to come in on their payout date, we do not follow up after the initial email is sent.

Should you miss your day, you are more than welcome to come in on the next payout.

Payouts are done in cash, on the 1st & 15th of the month ONLY (this is due to our insurance).

Should you prefer an e-transfer, we offer that option for a $2 fee.

Please initial that you have read & accept the above: ______________

At the end of your contract you have the following options regarding any unsold items & payout preference, please initial your preference:

DONATE your unsold items to Women in Need: __________________
Pick up your unsold items: ________________

***After your payout date you have 2 WEEKS to pick up any unsold items. After 2 weeks they will be donated without further notice***

40% payout of sell price in cash: ________________
50% payout of sell price put on store credit: __________________

If you request for any of your items to be pulled prior to your payout date, there will be a $25 admin fee. The admin fee must be paid upon pick up of pulled items.

Any monies not collected within 6 months of your payout date will become null.

At A La Mode, we do our best to safeguard your items, however, we are not responsible for damage, theft or loss.

PLEASE ask us any questions before signing the agreement.

I have read & understood the above terms of agreement as set by A La Mode.

Signature: ____________________________________________________________


A La Mode Consignment Agreement - Luxury Bags

Due to the high number of counterfeit bags, we do everything we can to protect our consignors, buyers & the store.

If you are unable to provide one of the following:

Original receipt/proof of purchase or
Certificate of authenticity

A La Mode, will charge an authentication fee in order to provide a certificate of authenticity.

The payment is due upon consigning your bag with us.

If your bag comes back as counterfeit, there will be an additional $100 charge that is payable upon pick up of the bag. Should you choose not to pick up the bag, it will be destroyed.

To authenticate the following brands a $75 fee will be charged:

Louis Vuitton
Bottega Veneta
Saint Laurent
Christian Louboutin
Dolce & Gabbana

To authenticate the following brands a $125 fee will be charged:


Signature: ________________________________________________________________

Amount Paid: _____________________________________________________________