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The injustices started at an early age. It was 1979 & I was 8 going on 16 spending the summer at the cottage along with the other families that go back 4-5 generations. I thought there would be nothing wrong with calling my then crush, now BFF & godfather to my children, an EFFING AHOLE - loudly, on the raft, in the middle of our bay for all of Madrona Drive to hear. My mother who has never reached a height of more than 5'1' loomed large on the patio & in a tone that could cut a diamond in half, requested my presence in the kitchen...immediately. I glared (she had no depth perception), dove off the raft, wondering what the wrath of Susan would be this time. All the while my brother, Tim, Phillip & his cousin Stephanie continued to laugh & have a good time. Honestly, it was exhausting being me.


Without a word my mother opened my mouth, put a gallon of hot mustard on the roof of it & sent me to my room. Due to the hot mustard burning me from the inside out it was a while before I could give my side of the story. My Nana was outside my window watering the garden, something she could do for hours, so I sneaked out the front door to get her opinion of the injustice. I painstakingly explained that Phillip called me WOMAN & told me it was high time to go up & make him a sandwich. (I almost have a Tourette's outburst just thinking about it). Nana told me in no uncertain terms that my language was revolting & that no granddaughter of hers should ever resort to swearing, especially for the whole bay to hear. Well pardon me Muriel who, against her parents wishes moved to Toronto in 1926 to go to the Royal Conservatory of Music.


I tried to explain to everyone, who would listen, that a grave injustice had transpired & letting Phillip get away with this was unacceptable, instead, I was grounded. That evening, per usual, Phillip walked down after dinner, & my Nana opened the door to him. Do you know he NEVER called me woman again??? (Well at least not in in the presence of my Nana anyway). Side note, that really is halo above my head.



It's the most wonderful time of the year...for fashion! We are gearing up for a fantastic Fall & with changes to how we currently dress, for the most part, there are changes to what we will be accepting. We are looking for cozy, casual wear - high waisted pants, premium denim, dressy sweatpants, athleisure, knits, knits & more knits & of course cashmere! Luxury bags, clothing, shoes & scarves are always in very high demand. Sneakers, loafers, flats & booties to round off the casual yet stylish look.
We have updated our website with all the details!



I had the privilege of sitting down with Metka & Michelle of These amazing women bring to life the stories behind your favourite local boutiques creating a greater sense of community for everyone. I urge you to click on the website for some fabulous fun & inspiration.


We are open Tuesday to Saturday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
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