Well Suited...

I used to LOVE watching my mum get dressed to go out. I would sit on the bed and covet the egg shaped container that Leggs pantyhose came in and hope that I would get it!
I'm sure, almost positive, that I drove her crazy, but the whole idea of getting ready was so glamorous.
The picture below is one of my favourites (Mum on the left, 34 years old) and I remember like it was yesterday, although it wasn't, more like 1980. The suit was a deep pink silk, with a striped silk camisole underneath and ALWAYS, paired with heels, nails perfectly polished. There she and my Auntie Carolyn sat with their cigarettes and pre 'going out' drink...glamour on point!

Fast forward, 42 years (sorry Mum), the suit has gone the way of the Dodo bird. Extinct. People working from home, not going out, so no 'getting ready' and I for one, am disappointed.
Get your suit out, split it up - put the jacket on with a white t-shirt, jeans and white sneaks; pair the skirt or pants with a chunky sweater and combat boots or a crisp white blouse, fabulous jewelry and kick ass heels.
Wear it to the grocery store, to feel well put together, to add a little bit of glamour and who knows, maybe it will suit you.

This Eileen Fisher 'suit' is the perfect balance of style & ease. Hemp & cotton so the style is relaxed but with a pretty silouette.
Wear together with a t-shirt or separate and create endless outfits - use your imagination to add some glamour to your wardrobe!